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Minister Kapil Sibal’s initiative to more than double the GER (to 30%) in Higher Education is a great challenge. The number of Universities and Institutes offering Higher education courses need to be increased exponentially over the coming years. The lack of effective mechanisms to check and take corrective directions is evident in segments where the ‘massification’ has happened. The pathetic quality of engineering curriculum evolving in states like Andhra, TN, Karnataka, Orrisa and recently in Kerala expose the flaws in the system. The quality of the curriculum and quality in teaching cannot be sacrificed in this urge for increasing enrollments in courses that attract students. The increasing number of Universities from China which have come in the top rankings are evident of the emphasis given for the quality in HE space in China. The major research labs in Universities across the world are flooded with Chinese students. The number of research output with Chinese contribution has significantly increased in the near future.
The vocationalizing the Arts and Science streams is also happening in india. These are easier routes to increase the GER figures. The consequences of these decisions would be realized very lately. The Community Colleges in US and Europe does the job of offering vocational courses for the population. University’s core objectives are left undisturbed.
India need to have more of Open and Distance Learning Courses. IGNOU is a great example. There need to be more IGNOU’s in the country. Rather than focusing on making IGNOU the largest Distance Learning University in the world, the focus should be on having a larger number of smaller Universities having quality consciousness.


With AR integration, can printed books live longer assuring enhanced reading experience for the reader?

10 years ago Mark Billinghurst invented ‘magic books’ with AR technology. Publishers hesitated to integrate AR in Children’s books and Educational books?. Now iPhones’ and Androids’ apps may be optimized with AR to have enhanced reading experiences. Augmented Textbooks need to evolve. Students need to experience this new age ‘magic books’. What are the technological and operational challenges for Publishers to integrate AR?

M-Books need to evolve faster for the Developing world.

20 Million Indians currently own a mobile device. The exponential growth will continue.

The Indian advantage (unlike China,Brazil or South East Asia) is certainly the large mass of population speaking English language. India will become the largest English speaking country in a couple of years overtaking the United States.

Engaging Apps and Content for Mobile devices should evolve to appeal this huge audience.

How Publishers can creatively respond to this opportunity?

Or shall we wait for another Software start-up to emerge from nowhere and consume the opportunity.

The published content demand a full scale “make-overs” to cater the demand across the Globe – considering the cultural, geographical, political, linguistic, technological and pedagogical variances.

Creative content’s localization is a debatable issue as the cultural context is as important as the content. But professional and educational segments demand to have localized content.

Publishers need to evolve standardized localization techniques, tools and processes. This result to have faster and accurate content localization. The content in English need to reach faster to Spanish, French, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic or any other language market. Localization can be key in delivering content in English language itself to the diverging English markets as China, India or Africa. Localization can take care of the variances mentioned above. The current practices of changing photographs, names and currencies for wooing the audience can be replaced with more rigorous content “make-overs” through localization.

Localization of content can be key to the evolving “individualized content delivery” over mobile devices or the web for learning and professional development.

Content Localization as in Software will be a great challenge and opportunity in Publishing.



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